Digital Ads Now Triggered by Real Time Events

Due to collaboration with AOL, after nearly a year of testing the waters in advertisements and  fueled by real time events, UM has finally been able to achieve their desired results. According to an article recently completed by Advertising Age, UM has attempted this over the course of the last year with three clients; however, the operation wasn’t as successful as they had hoped.



However, AOL’s ability to create powerful technology and software will allow for the program to truly shine as UM had imagined.
This approach with the new software provided by AOL, entitled real time marketing, will proceed further than this campaign ever has previously, working on a larger scale with less effort involved. For example, in the case that gas prices suddenly spike, advertisements can be altered to fit the rise in need; car dealers can immediately start advertising their hybrid models in an attempt to pull off of the public’s reaction to the increase in prices.

Along similar lines, if the stock market has a rough day and the success of stocks suffers, investment firms can immediately commence advertisements promoting conservative investment options. This idea has been around for quite some time; The Weather Company built on this public perception to change their ads according to the local weather. However, the technology created by AOL’s engineering team will revolutionize the process and the results.

The technology will hold a period of exclusivity with UM; however, after the set amount of time has passed, the software will be available to others in the market. Several triggers have been listed as items of focus for UM, including sports scores, market indices, local gas prices and life events such as anniversaries; the data will be collected from a variety of sources, including AOL properties and other data partners. UM executives claim that the software will have very realistic applications to its clients; Brown Forman, owner of the Jack Daniels brand, will use the software to prompt clients towards a celebratory drink at earning a promotion or to suggest a bottle to celebrate a favorite sport’s team’s victory.