About MadAdsMedia Services


One of the best online advertisement companies as an alternative to Google AdSense, Madadsmedia provides website owners and online blogs the opportunity to earn money through high quality ad placements. Madads advertising campaigns those that are cost per mile, cost per click, cost per action, and cost per lead.


The CEO started the company in 2011 in a Pennsylvania living room in an effort to assist small website owners in monetizing their websites and blogs. Four years since the company began, it has grown in overall size and number of employees, opening an office in San Francisco along with its main office in Mount Laurel, New Jersey.

Madadsmedia provides numerous, high quality services to its customers also known as its publishers.


Madadsmedia’s goal is simple. The company works to make its publishers money via industry high CPMs. If your website or blog has a high amount of traffic, then Madads will certainly be able to stock up your inventory with high quality ads. This is why Madads is one of Google AdSense’s main competitor’s because its mission is to simply help website owners earn money.


Madads provides top services for its approved publishers which include unparalleled customer service and a skilled optimization team. Specific services include:

Industry High CPMs: Madads only works with advertising campaigns that offer high quality CPMs, which is important for its publishers’ revenues.

Customer Support: The Madads team offers dedicated and efficient customer service to all of its customers. The Madads team is both disciplined and qualified to assist its publishers. Madads provides every publisher an account manager who serves to help the publisher through every step of the process.

Optimization Skills: Not only is the Madads team 100% customer service oriented, the individuals on the Madads team are also trained and equipped to optimize all the publishers’ websites in order to ensure website owners are gaining as much income as possible from the ad space on their sites.

All of the above services, allow Madads to one of the top online Ad placement companies in the industry. If you are a website owner or blogger looking to earn revenue from your sites, then look no farther than Madadsmedia for assistance!